Wall Painting tips – Commercial and Residential Properties in U.A.E

Maintaining your facility’s walls might seem like an easy job, but most people don’t realize how much work it actually is. It’s not just the painting – which itself can be quite complicated – but also filling nail holes, sanding uneven surfaces, and even repairing minor water damage. Here are five tips to help you maintain your facility’s walls properly, so they will last as long as possible and always look their best.

1) To Keep Maintenance Costs Low

1. Use good quality painting materials – this will help your paint job last longer and keep maintenance costs low. Evaluate existing conditions of the wall before painting to ensure that you’re using the appropriate paint. If it is a new home, have the walls primed with a high-quality primer before applying the top coat.

2) Follow The Guidelines When Hiring A Contractor

When it comes to the maintenance of your facility’s walls, it is important to follow some key guidelines. First, be sure to only hire qualified contractors who have experience with both residential and commercial painting and wallpapers. Second, always get clear deliverables in your quotes before making a decision. Third, make sure that the contractor you choose is licensed and insured. Fourth, be sure to get a written contract that outlines the scope of work to be done. Finally, be sure to inspect the work once it is completed to ensure that you are satisfied.

3) Choose The Right Type Of Paint

1. When selecting paint for your facility walls, always consider the space’s purpose. For example, residential spaces will require a different type of paint than commercial ones.

2. Another important factor to consider is the amount of light that hits the wall. If the space is poorly lit, you’ll want to select a paint colour that can brighten up the room.

3. Paint selection also depends on the material of the wall itself.

4) Apply Proper Protective Coating

When it comes to protecting your facility’s walls, you need to understand the level of protection that different coatings offer. For example, residential-grade paint offers little to no protection against scuffs and stains, while commercial-grade paint is designed to withstand heavy traffic and wear.  However, a protective coating applied over top can help protect surfaces from these damages as well as environmental factors like sun exposure. It can also provide an easy way to cover up scratches or other marks on a wall before repainting or re texturing.

5) Regular maintenance of walls

Your facility’s walls are one of the first things visitors see when they enter, so it’s important to keep them in good condition.  To maintain your walls from time to time, we recommend:

Inspecting and repairing any peeling paint or wallpaper. It is important that these issues be addressed before they worsen and lead to a more costly repair down the line.

Keeping an eye out for any water leaks that could cause damage over time. If you notice anything amiss on your wall, call us right away!

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